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IEP Coaching

Do you feel the need to Hire an Advocate, but are concerned about damaging your relationship with your school?  Have you used an Advocate only to come away from the IEP meeting less satisfied than when you went in?

IEP Coaching may be for you!!!

With some assistance from Family to Family Network - you can be your child's advocate!!



What is IEP Coaching?

Previously Family To Family Network spent a great deal of time assisting families by reviewing the individual education program paperwork and then meeting with families to go over the IEP.

Some families met with us; learned some tips/tricks and went off to their IEP meetings successfully advocating for their children. Others though - returned year after year. It was apparent that by just reviewing the IEP with them, they were not learning the special education process.

Therefore, we have developed a new system we call "IEP coaching".

We feel this will better prepare families to be involved in the special education process and as a result, their children will have better outcomes.

IEP Coaching is NOT legal advice.

Parent Liaison will NOT provide legal advice.

If you require legal advice - Please consult an advocate or attorney.

NOTE: If you are already working with an advocate or attorney - we will NOT provide IEP coaching to you as we do not want to provide conflicting information.

STEP 1 ($75) - 1 hour limit

You will sit down with a parent liaison for a preliminary 1 (one) hour consultation.

The Parent Liaison will provide you with some additional guidance on things you will need to do BEFORE you actually begin the IEP review process.

  1. help you set up a notebook to begin gathering and organizing important documents for the actual review.
  2. walk you through a prioritization list that will help you prepare for the IEP review.
  3. provide you with a list of documents or articles that you will need to read before the IEP review process.
  4. help you prepare a follow up list of questions that you may need to request from your special education dept.
  5. ask you to complete an initial intake survey.

STEP 2 (FREE) - Unlimited

You will read the documents/articles the Parent Liaison has requested.
You will gather and organize your IEP paperwork.
You will obtain any additional information from the school district.
You will complete the necessary paperwork provided by the Parent Liaison to prepare for the meeting.
When you have everything together and are ready - Call and schedule a 2 hour IEP review.

Before setting up the appointment - the parent liaison will verbally assess you on some basic knowledge that should have been obtained from the required readings and to ensure you are prepared for the review. If you are not prepared - An appointment will NOT be scheduled.

STEP 3 ($150) - 2 hour limit

Before getting to this step - the parent liaison will verbally assess you on some basic knowledge that should have been obtained from the required readings and to ensure you are prepared for the review.
If you are NOT prepared - An appointment will NOT be scheduled.
You will meet one on one with a parent liaison who will review your paperwork in depth.

The Parent Liaison will assist you in understanding the process and will make suggestions on areas that you will need to focus on during your IEP meeting.
Parent Liaison will only make suggestions or provide you with information to follow up with school district.
Parent Liaison will NOT create goals or objectives, but will guide you on how to create them yourself.
You will be coached on the IEP paperwork and how to communicate your child's needs.

What will You Gain From IEP Coaching?

Communication & Advocacy Skills

  • A better understanding of the special education process & what the school is communicating
  • Confidence to attend the ARD/IEP meeting and effectively communicate your child's needs
  • A variety of free tools to use to gain knowledge
  • Being able to actively participate in the ARD/IEP meeting

Collaboration & Negotiation

  • Learn to work collaboratively with the school district to create an Individual Education Program (IEP)
  • Understand your roles/responsibilities, as well as the school's roles/responsibilities
  • Ability to prioritize your child's needs and negotiate based on that prioritization
  • Feel like an equal partner in the ARD/IEP process

Success for Your Child with a Disability

Improved Outcomes for your child

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