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Training Topics

Connections Training

Family to Family Network offers a variety of training for organizations in the area and around the state.  Here is a list of our currently available training courses, but we can also customize a training for your specific needs.


Here is a description of some of the modules within Connections. These can be delivered individually or divided into even shorter presentations to meet your group’s needs.

Connecting to Yourself:

Explore your thoughts and feelings about your child with a disability. Learn to put into words what you feel and believe in your heart and head. Identify your values and beliefs and begin to build a vision for your child’s life. With a good vision, you can become a more effective advocate for your child that will guide your decisions in the ARD/IEP Process.

Connecting to Communication:

As a KEY member of the ARD/IEP team, you are required to communicate with many people throughout the school community. How we describe our children to others shapes their perceptions and values concerning our children as contributing members of the school community. Come learn how to describe your child and how to create a student introduction portfolio in order to assist others in getting to know your child for who he or she is rather than their disability label.

Connecting to the School:

Being a parent of a child with a disability requires us to wear many hats throughout our journey. As we make our way, there are many skills we need to acquire to ensure that our children benefit from the decision we make concerning their lives. Learn some tools that can assist you in building positive relationships with school personnel.

Connecting to the TEAM – The ARD/IEP Process:

Parents are very important members of the IEP team; yet becoming involved in the special education process can be like visiting a foreign country – with a language all its own. Learn special education terminology; explore topics that are discussed at ARD/IEP meetings; and understand your family’s (and student’s) role in the ARD/IEP process. Learn to use a variety of resources to seek answers to common questions so that you are prepared for and can participate more fully in the ARD/IEP process.

Additional Presentations:

Families and Educators: It’s a Road Trip!

Ever taken a long road trip? The miles can become endless and relationships strained. A child’s journey through public education is like one long road trip. Parents and educators can travel in the car successfully!

What’s An ARD? What am I Supposed to do NOW?

You’ve been invited to your child’s first ARD meeting and feel a little overwhelmed. How do you prepare? What do you need to know? Learn some simple tools to help you better advocate for your child and leave with knowledge to start you on your journey.

The Future is in YOUR hands!

What is your vision for your child’s future? What are your child’s strengths, interests and preferences? Are they addressed within the transition plan, course of study, related services and graduation plan? Will the transition plan and IEP goals help your child reach his or her dreams? Learn how to use the most important tool in your child’s IEP to improve outcomes after high school.

Which Matters Most? Access to Curriculum or Believing Inclusion Works?

Different school districts, different disabilities, similar post secondary success. How’d they do it? Discover the lessons learned over 18 years and the secret to make the vision of inclusion a reality!

With the Right Pail & Shovel, Everyone can play in the sandbox!

Children with disabilities should be included with their typical peers within the preschool or daycare settings. Yet fear of the unknown can be daunting and challenging. Learn the laws and rules regarding special education; understand how those services may be accessed within the child care setting; and how to guide families to resources in your community.

Student Portfolios – From Kindergarten to Work

Students are more than a disability label and what you read in an IEP. Learn how to create a portfolio that can be used to promote communication & inclusion in the classroom, self advocacy in ARD/IEP meetings, and assist with transition.

We can customize a presentation to meet your individual needs.