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Information & Referral

Last year, Family to Family Network provided information & referral to over

1000 individuals through phone or email

1400 individuals at community resource events


Family to Family Network can provide:

  1. referrals to resources in our community (i.e. medical, therapy, schools, etc.)
  2. information on how to navigate:
    1. special education,
    2. health care, or
    3. government agencies.
  3. More formal IEP Coaching

If you are seeking information or referrals to resources, call 713-466-6304  OR 
Complete the form below - BE VERY SPECIFIC/DETAILED in your request.  The more details, the more likely we will get back to you quickly through email.  Without adequate information, we will need to call you and request more information which will delay a good response to you.


School District:



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We also recommend downloading the Connections App to your phone where you will be able to find resources in your community, as well as save your preferred providers.  It also allows us to send you lists of resources specific to your needs which will always be on your phone.  
Don't forget to save Family to Family as a preferred provider!


For specific questions related to Special Education - Please submit your questions here:


Any information provided by Family to Family Network, Inc., staff, and/or it’s volunteers is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Any information, expressed or implied, is not intended, nor should be construed as legal, medical, or other professional advice. Family to Family Network does not render legal, medical or professional advice or recommendations; nor is legal, medical or other professional advice implied by any information given. Any information provided should not replace consultations with qualified legal, educational, healthcare, or other professionals to meet individual or professional needs. Reference to any program, service, therapy, or treatment option does not imply endorsement by F2F Network or by its organizational staff/members and should not be construed as such.

Participant information is NOT sold or shared with others. See our Privacy Policy for more information.