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Getting Started

Has your child recently been diagnosed with a disability or been referred for special education services?  Maybe your child has been receiving special education services and it’s time to figure out the next steps.

Wherever you are in the process, we’ve been there.  We know the maze in which you find yourself and we’re eager to point the way to news you can use, information you can trust and understand, and reliable resources for more information. Welcome!

If your child is under the age of 5, visit the Parent Companion for a wealth of helpful information.  This website is designed for families of children age 0-5, but has lots of great resources that would also be helpful at any age. 

If you are seeking information and resources specific to students (age 5-21) with disabilities and their families, then the Texas Project FIRST web site is another practical place to start.  If you think your child may need special education or related services to be successful in school - You will need to make a written request for a special education evaluation to your local elementary school.

If you have just moved here from another city or state - Please see our Moving to Texas information.

Also feel free to browse our website for valuable resources and to learn how Family to Family Network helps families achieve success for children with disabilities.

Two other sources to help you get started:

Download the Carestarter App to find help you find resources in your area. 

Navigate Life Texas also is a wealth of information - You can also search for resources and events in your area.