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Privacy Policy

Family to Family Network
Privacy Policy

Please note that Family to Family Network does collect data on persons who call or email the organization requesting assistance, attend our educational events, make a donation or participate in one of our Family Friends or leadership and advocacy programs.  

Basic data is kept for donors or program participation (training event, newsletter, edigest, etc.) - name, telephone number, address, email address, parent/educator/other, and program attended/amount donated.   We do not sell or share your information with others.  It is used as a way to keep track of numbers of persons participating in our programs, to perform follow up evaluations, and to solicit donations. 

Additional data is kept for persons who contact us requesting assistance, information and/or referrals to resources. We keep data on what information you request, if you were referred from another agency or website, and what information is provided to you. This helps us remember you if you call or email again, and helps us if we have changes in staff.  We also use this data to keep track of the number of people served by our organization and to solicit donations.  Again - Family to Family does not sell or share your information with others unless you have specifically given us permission to reach out to a specific organization regarding your situation (ie school district, state agency, etc.).  

Only employees of Family to Family Network have access to the data base and passwords are changed every three months.  When an employee leaves the organization, they are removed as a user and can no longer access the data base.  

If you would like to see what information has been collected regarding yourself, please send a signed letter requesting the information to:
Executive Director
Family to Family Network
13150 FM 529 - Suite 106, Houston, TX 77041

Please include your name and address where the information can be sent, as well as a telephone number and/or email address so that we can verify you have requested the information.

Please note that at any time you may request that your information be deleted from our data base, for any reason.